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Merke / modellHartl HBC 950 Crushing HBC950 Bucket Demolition ≥ 24T
Lager nr.777101
Tilstand (1=dårlig-5=best):5
CE-merket (Europa)Ja
Serie nr.CC0950140048
Transportvekt3 670 kg
Produsert i (land)Østerrike
BeskrivelseHARTL HBC 950 CRUSHER HBC950 BUCKET 950MM 2014 CC00950140048 UNUSED TO FIT ≥ 24T

Unique Crusher - Quattro movement.
When a toggle plate that is specially designed to be
positioned upwards instead of downwards, as is the
case with conventional crushers, the movement of the
swing jaw plate does not ahve a parallel motion but
the Hartl system generates an aggressive figure eight
motion that allows crushing to begin high up on the jaw
face and also creates a postcrush in the lower section
of the crusher chamber as the material leaves the crusher.

Excavator weight ≥ 24T.
Inlet opening 950 x 525 mm.
Rotation 350rpm.
Rated capacity acc. ISO 7451m3 1.00.
Hydraulic motor 90cc.
Oil Flow rate >300l/min.
Oil Pressure 220 bar.
CSS toggle 50-120STD/12-70OPT mm.
Toggle system Up-thrust.
Mainframe construction HARDOX 400.
Crushing unit Cast Iron.
Greasing system Central 1-point.
IN/OUT acc.ISO 6162 SAE J518c.
Made in Austria.
Serial number: CC0950140048.
Year of manufacturing: 2014.
In unused condition.
Weight: 3670KG.
CE Certified.
Size: 239cm length x 145cm width x 139cm height.
Pallet: 250cm length x 160cm width x 160cm height.
Price is excluded Vat.

All weights and dimensions are approximately.
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice and subject to errors.

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Denne Hartl HBC 950 Crushing HBC950 Bucket Demolition ≥ 24T knuseskuffer er ikke tilsalgs lenger. Denne Hartl HBC 950 Crushing HBC950 Bucket Demolition ≥ 24T knuseskuffer var fra 2014. På Mascus Norge kan du finne flere lignende Hartl HBC 950 Crushing HBC950 Bucket Demolition ≥ 24T knuseskuffer. Detaljer - Lager nr.: 777101, Tilstand (1=dårlig-5=best): 5, CE-merket (Europa): Ja, Serie nr.: CC0950140048, Transportvekt: 3 670 kg, Produsert i (land): Østerrike, Leveringsbetingelser: EXW