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Mascus Security advice

In every business there is dangerous or criminal individuals that try to make money or steal from the innocent average user. Mascus is doing all in it's power to fight fraud attempts and protect their users and customers.

A large  part of this is to inform the users of the dangers and common tricks, techniques and methods of those who try to harm these users and also remind our users to use common sense and take precautions

This document covers following issues:

Top General Security advice for buying and selling via Mascus

General security advice while machine / vehicle delivery and purchase

Other types of frauds

Note about the involvements of Mascus in made deals
Note about more fraud techniques and methods
Mascus direct help of fraud suspicion: Mascus Contact data and Feedback form


General security advice while machine or vehicle delivery and purchase

Cash or bank transfer:

Even with cash transfers, you can become a victim of frauds:

Example of a common fraud trick:

For a small advance payment, the seller reserves the right that you will be the only buyer of the machine. Usually the price of that machine is quite low. As security (so the advance payment ), the "seller" requests a portion of the purchase price transferred onto an account of a person which the buyer trusts .
As confirmation for the transfer, the buyer should tell the seller the amount of the sum that was transferred and the name of the account holder.  The "seller" then withdraws the money with a fake ID and papers.
That type of fraud is possible for cash transfer payments (for example Money Gram, Western Union, Escrow) and for bank transfers.

The information and the documents about that machine or vehicle and the ID of the fraudulent seller are false.

That's why Mascus recommends:

Never give a away important bank details to strangers.
Cash transfer to relatives or friends can't protect you from fraud.

Furthermore electronically transferred documents (such as scanned and emailed or faxed vehicle registration certificates, passports, etc) are never a complete proof for the authenticity of the identity of the seller or deed of ownership of the vehicle or machine.

Mascus is not involved in any transaction or sales of Mascus users. Mascus does not get notified who buys a machine and from whom.   All conditions and the agreement concluding a purchase deal are made only between the seller and the buyer. Mascus has no information or resources to check or even guarantee the credit worthiness or authenticity of a seller.
If ever you should receive any information or documents that Mascus guarantees the credit worthiness or authenticity of a particular seller, then this information is forged. In that case, please contact us immediately.

Therefore never pay in advance.

Your private data:

Bank or credit card specific data are only requested by Mascus, if you have an account or want to pay an advert. It will be not requested afterwards, not via email, phone, fax or any other way.

Never give your username or password to strangers!

Be careful with cheques!

Sellers can also become a victim of fraud!

Sellers are often fooled in a deal with unsecured cheques. Therefore: never accept cheque payments

If somebody sends you, the seller, a cheque (mostly from abroad) and the amount on that cheque is higher than the agreed sales price, you can assume that this is a fraud attempt.
The Goal of that fraud is, that because of the error you re-pay the difference back onto the buyers bank account!     Later you find cheque is stolen or was forged.

Usually that type of cheque goes unnoticed through the first verification stage. Only later on it is discovered, that it is an uncovered or stolen check. Most damage in those cases is caused to the seller, which is not only loosing sometimes the difference he balanced out, but also the machine or vehicle he sold and delivered.

Fraud / fake "suspicious" emails - also know as "Phishing"

Unfortunately it is technically possible to forge or fake email addresses:

When a user searches on Mascus for machines or vehicles, Mascus doesn't ask any private or confidential data (credit card number, etc ) The same applies for e-mails, phone, faxes from Mascus: Mascus personnel will not ask you at anytime any confidential data.
Should you receive any request from Mascus about your private, customer, bank, credit card or any other confidential information, you should consider it as a fraud attempt.
Please contact us on official telephone numbers or contact information on Mascus.com. Do not request confirmation by the contact data given you in that email, phone call or fax.

Never copy your Passport or documents of your vehicle or machinery to strangers. This information can be for forgery purposes.

About  „Treuhandservice or accounts“- also know as "Escrow Service"

At Mascus there are no Escrow services or accounts for payment methods, which the buyer or the seller could use. There are also no dealers or sellers that are declared or certified by Mascus as approved or verified by Mascus.
(so called "Seal Members" or others).
Mascus is does not give any certificates or recommendations about sellers or dealers for cash transfers.
Mascus gives no guarantee or insurance against the risk of fraud when buying or selling.


General security advice while machine or vehicle delivery:

Meeting the seller:

If you meet the seller/dealer, that you don't know, always be careful:

Never take the cash or cheques (of the agreed selling price) with you to the place, where you are going to meet the seller. Especially if it is a remote place, where are no other people. If the agreed meeting location seems dangerous to you, arrange a different, more secure location. 

If the identity of the seller of the machine or vehicle does not match with the identity of the owner:

If the seller is not the same person as stated in the vehicle registration owner certificates, demand a certificate of authority from the owner! The vehicle/machinery as well as the documents belonging to it might be stolen and the owner does know that his machine/vehicle is for sale.

The identity of the vehicle, machine or equipment you are buying:

Always check the ID of the vehicle before you buy it!  The machine/vehicle ID has to match the ID stated in the contract. The machine Serial No.'s are marked on plates or stamped on chassis components.  Ensure this numbers match with each other and comply with the Serial No. on the documents!  Check with the machine manufacturer if you have any concerns. Otherwise you might purchase a vehicle that looks exactly like the one stated in the contract, but maybe stolen.

Digital speedometers:

Digital speedometers can be altered, to increase the price of the vehicle. If you doubt the kilometer /miles amount shown on the meter, bring the vehicle to an independent inspector, to check if the meter was tempered with.

Test drives:

As a Seller always be 'on-board' in a test drive! The buyer otherwise might steal the vehicle, even if the "buyer" leaves his Passport or ID as security deposit. These documents could be stolen and forged!

Documents at test drives:

In the inspection process, as a seller, you should have the necessary documents about the vehicle or machinery as proof for your customer, but never take these documents (especially vehicle registration certificates) with you, whilst on a test drive with the "buyer". Keep them in a secure location.

Be careful with small printed text in the purchase contract.

Please be aware of the small text in contracts. Price terms that rely on external inspection placing the valuation amount should be avoided!


Extra equipment and accessories mentioned in purchase contract:

Always make sure that all expensive extra equipment (such as Radio, CD-Player, speakers or rims, buckets) are listed in the purchase contract. This especially important if there is a significant delay in delivery!

Careful about forged delivery or transfer certificates:

The "seller" might contact the buyer after an verbally agreed deal to confirm that he shipped the item.  He confirms it with a faxed, scanned, emailed or posted shipment order confirmation / warranty was by transport company (like i.e. DHL). He asks the buyer to transfer the whole sum or a part of the sum.
The item never arrives, because the machine, it's documents as well as the shipping warranty does not really existing .They are forged!
Always inspect the machine yourself live. So you know it exists. Order the shipment yourself, with a Transport company you trust and get a shipment warranty confirmed by that transport company. Check that the item you order is the item that is shipped! If possible be present, when the shipment takes place.


Other types of frauds:


A potential "buyer" is enquiring about your ad and requests that you call him/her back. That number is a 'premium charge' phone number! You will be put on hold and therefore without knowing pay them for nothing.
That's why never call back any numbers that are start with 0190, 0900, 0137, 0138, 0900 or anything like that.  

Export list fraud:

A potential "buyer" doesn't want to buy your vehicle, but wants to put that machine into a goods circulating export list publication. Subsequently you don't get info material, but a bill that you consented to, to enter your machine on that list. Often sellers pay that without checking or are so unsure and just pay it without refusing.

Note about the involvements of Mascus in made deals:

  • Mascus is not involved in the deals, meetings or arrangement made between seller and buyer.
  • Mascus does not take any responsibility for anything that happens between theuser and the dealer or seller.
  • Mascus does not sell, buy or purchase used equipment.
  • Mascus does not recommend companies, dealers, seller or used equipment.
  • Mascus cannot guarantee the authenticity of the customers, user or used equipment presented on Mascus.

For more information read the General Terms of use.

 Note about more fraud techniques and methods:

There are a large number of tricks, methods and techniques that criminals use to fool innocent buyers and sellers to extort money.  Everyday new methods and frauds are invented. Mascus can't cover all of them, but will of course update this document. 

This security advice is available to warn the users of Mascus about precautions of buying and selling used equipment.

 It's purpose is to remind the user please use common sense and always be careful of possible frauds.

 Mascus direct help:

If you have a suspicion of an advert that might be a fraud or are unsure about an offer you received, please remember the Mascus ID advert number and contact us:

Mascus International BV
Bijster 3, 4817 HX Breda,
Registration Number: 57776806

You can also contact us by using the Feedback form.