BMW R69S mit Steib Seitenwagen

Pris eks. MVA
259 713 NOK
GruppeAndre lastebiler
Merke / modellBMW R69S mit Steib Seitenwagen
Km.stand54 993 km
Mascus ID4D9D38FF
Velg valuta
Pris eks. MVA259 713 NOK
MVAInkluderer ikke fradragsberettiget moms
Pris inkl. MVA-
Lager nr.900241
Effekt30,9 kW (42 hk)
BeskrivelseFahrzeugstandort: Bovenden, Aufbau: mit Steib Seitenwagen From 1955 to 1969, 15,347 of these 594cc shaft-drive, opposed twin motorcycles were built. The 35hp R69 was produced from 1955 to 1960, with the 42hp R69S like the one offered here available from 1960 to 1969. These models were designed as relatively high powered, high compression sport bikes, although the Earles forks R69 and R69S came with sidecar lugs installed on the frames as these were designed specifically with sidecar use in mind, though it was popularly used as a solo bike too. In June 1962, Cycle World magazine published a review of the R69S. Its initial and concluding paragraphs read: Ask any motorcyclist what he considers to be the two-wheeled equivalent of the Rolls-Royce and you will almost certainly be told BMW. That answer will not be too far wrong, either, except that the products coming from the Bayerische Motoren Werke incorporate a good deal more in advanced engineering features than the famous English car. Actually, the BMW motorcycle is more like the Mercedes than a Rolls-Royce: conservative in many respects, but quite advanced nonetheless. In any case, the BMW has attributes that make it unique, and it has acquired a reputation that makes it a prestige motorcycle - even among people who ordinarily don't give two wheelers a second glance...Whatever the BMW's merits are in a contest of speed, it is still the smoothest, best finished, quietest and cleanest motorcycle it has ever been our pleasure to ride. To be honest, we think that anyone who would worry much over its performance-potential is a bit of a booby. The R69S is fast enough to handle any encounter, and it has attributes that are, in touring, infinitely more valuable than mere speed. All things considered, if we were planning a two-wheel style tour, the BMW would have to be our choice of mount. The beautiful R69S offered here is the culmination of one man's dream, and one wife's nightmare! Warned by his wife that he'd perhaps surpassed his motorcycling days, the vendor assumed that a sidecar outfit would be the acceptable compromise. He was wrong. After many months of searching, the vendor eventually sourced his desired matching numbers R69S in Ireland. This bike benefitted from being offered in Class 1 condition following a re-spray with correct re-striping, re-ground piston ring valves, stainless steel exhaust system, chromed steel wheel rims, stainless steel spokes and a believed genuine 34,137 miles at the time of his purchase. Furthermore, this bike sports the slightly larger Schorsch Meier touring fuel tank, electronic ignition system and twin seat. Upon import, a beautiful and matching coloured Steib sidecar was ordered and bespoke built to fit the R69S at a cost of more than £6,000. In total, the project has cost the vendor, to date, in excess of £18,000, and showing a mileage now of just 34,171 that's equivalent to £529.00 per mile, but still cheaper than a divorce! Reluctantly offered for sale at a price well below the cost to replicate, this stunning sidecar combination with the tried and tested BMW powerplant is sold with fresh 12 month MoT and supporting history dating back many years. Not to be missed...., Fgst.-Nr. 662331, div Serviceunterlagen/Geschichte vorhanden.service history available ZUBEHÖRANGABEN OHNE GEWÄHR, Änderungen, Zwischenverkauf und Irrtümer vorbehalten! - powered by two S

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På Mascus Norge finner du BMW R69S mit Steib Seitenwagen andre lastebiler. Prisen på denne BMW R69S mit Steib Seitenwagen er kr 259 713 og den er fra 1968. Denne maskinen er fra - Tyskland. På finner du BMW R69S mit Steib Seitenwagen og mange andre merker innen andre lastebiler. Detaljer - Lager nr.: 900241, Km.stand: 54 993 km, Effekt: 30,9 kW (42 hk), Girkasse: Sonstige, Farge: Schwarz